As a commuter working in corporate roles and as a business owner, there is nothing more frustrating not being prepared for the day with everything you might need to get through the working day.  How many of you have ever got somewhere and realized you forgot something you needed for work when you got there?

We  decided to make a practical step to create something that was both functional and stylish for the city commuter.  We decided there were a lot of carry bags and back packs out there that are really good but were often not specific enough for a lot of our urban commuters who need something protective for their laptop workhorse which needed adequate protection from the elements including being water resistant and  able to sit on the floor whether on public transport or underneath your desk.

We realized many people now need a way to carry their technology and be constantly kept powered without having to always need to pull out the power cable at all those inconvenient times with nowhere to plug in during the commute.

How about taking that damp umbrella and storing it back in to your bag because you have no where else to put it? We thought of that too.
It’s always nice to stay hydrated and having a water bottle in hand is always a good idea, but having it take valuable cabin space in the bag was something the designers put together as not a new idea but a definite great idea some other bags have incorporated to their design.
We needed to keep the bag as a comfortable distribution with the right support straps where the weight could be evenly carried without all the weight on the shoulders.  So we designed that too!
Next time you’re looking for a new commuter laptop backpack please come and visit us and try us out.