In this lifetime many of us have never endured a freeze on our freedom. It feels like the toppling over of life as we know it.  6 months of not knowing and strict government restrictions placed on who and how we interact with others has been a major concern for so many of us resulting in our health and wellness being the casualty.

With restrictions slowly easing, our society is experiencing an aftermath, where people’s mental health and wellbeing has been impacted. Physical distancing and isolation has resulted in healthy & happy people feeling anxious. stressed and worried. It’s time to again find our ‘happy’.  We cannot give you the bold instruction of ‘Okay, restrictions are slowly being eased and life will be back to normal’. Life as we have known it will not be the same. What we do need to ask is ‘How do we learn to adapt to this new way of life and incorporate how we used to do things?’

Everyone’s pain points are going to be different! It might be the loss of your job,  losing a business, unable to have the company of others, a change to your family situation, whether it was feeling claustrophobic, getting separated or divorced, or a complete change to your economic and financial wellbeing.  All these factors and many more are contributors to how life will be seen through a different lens.

We have some suggestions here which have helped people we know who have been experiencing these types of situations and used these as tools and leverage to overcome falling into a rut, feeling depressed or a sense of hopelessness with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember this, your mind is the greatest tool that will steer you through the sea of uncertainty.

Firstly, you need to be ready to take this challenge.  It is one thing to read this blog and think ‘okay, this sounds good’, however without action this is just another thing to read on the internet which has no impact on you.  So, if you are not happy about what your day has been looking like lately then get in the right mindset and be willing to want to change this.  No one will change it for you, except you!!  You have to repeatedly say to your self ‘I want to change, I’m going to change, and tomorrow is going to look different.’

Have a look at how you start your day.  Make some very subtle changes without feeling a drastic impact.  For example, if you are working from home, waiting for your next job, or retired, how about starting focusing on your breath.  That’s right,

Let’s get to the basics and the core of your wellness.  Breath is something we take for granted. Actually concentrating on your breath takes focus and gives you the opportunity to become more aware of your self.  The thought of looking within and including a practise of learning breathing techniques can create a positive impact on how your day evolves.  Kane Bradley, who has contributed his thoughts and ideas to this blog, including the video, was a professional Jockey until an accident that resulted in him finding his path to mindfulness and breathwork.  Training as a yoga teacher helped him in his recovery from this life changing event.  He now spends his time teaching others after realising the benefits he personally gained and how they healed his body.  So it’s worth checking out the video, and getting started on your journey, for sound mind and body with some simple exercises.  Remember, small steps!  For more information, please check out www.wearemindfulmovement.com

Another thing to consider is body movement.  Having a regular regime a few days a week to get moving and on your feet is such an invigorating experience.  Muscles need to be used or they simply start losing their ability to function.  Have you ever met someone who had an accident and was wheelchair bound for a while?  The steps needed to get back on their feet, literally were not as simple as getting out of a wheelchair.  Often constant trips to the Physiotherapist or specialist to rehabilitate you back to the state you were in are needed.  So take this as a prompt to doing something starting this week.  There are many online yoga and stretching videos you can watch on YouTube so get committed and complete these at home on your television.  It’s so convenient! You just need to show a little discipline.  There is another option which is to make a commitment to a paid class. It usually means you will take it more seriously and start getting good results faster.  This is not a race, it’s a change in how you exercise and as you start feeling better, you won’t know how you went without it.  Have a look around where you live as there will be many good fitness studios. An example of an effective fitness studio is Studio 3 who have adapted their current programs and offered them online during the current restrictions.  Check them out at www.studio3australia.com.au

Meanwhile, there are other things you can incorporate in your day such as walking or going for a run to get the blood circulating in the body and your muscles moving.  It’s not a sprint so keep it at a pace which is comfortable and over time you can increase time and distance.  The idea is not to look at this as a chore, rather a part of your day to keep you agile.  What you’ll find is the more exercise you incorporate in your life, the better you start feeling which leads you to greater achievements in your day and helps you strive for your goals.

Amongst all the exercise just make sure you set goals on what else you want to achieve. Whether it’s applying for a new job, developing your business idea, or getting certified for something online, goals help you look forward to the future.  Split your day into segments so you can fit at least 3 things to make up your day including work, exercise and play.  The day will feel more accomplished and you will create a well needed routine to ensure you’re on track to reach your goals.

There are no results from doing nothing.  The television, the couch and staying indoors are going to be your enemy in becoming strong in mind and body.  So if you are not sure where to start, how about getting a notepad and writing things down.  Having a visual of what you want to achieve makes it easier to plan the day.

Like anything, just start!  Don’t worry so much about the detail too early as you can add this as you go.  Motivation to get started is the hardest part.  Once you get going, you will look back and love your journey while feeling clarity in your mind and not to mention your energy and physical state.  If you are still contemplating when you should start, set yourself a time today or tomorrow and get started.

Happy journey to a happier and healthier future.