As true as it is, working as a small business or entrepreneur is far more vested in time that people think. It is a list of tasks that can’t be done tomorrow, however it is also important to develop boundaries.

These boundaries can never be like what you would experience in a 9 to 5 work day, however there can be a change in the pattern that will definitely give you those moments to walk away and give you time to come back with fresh eyes and mind to your business.

This happened recently for the Co Founders of Nishi who spent the morning with the day’s agenda to get through. The day presented all its’ challenges as a start up, however much of the grind work was completed the late night before, which freed up a part of the present day. It was just past lunch time and after having some freshly made turkey rolls, it was back to work. Another hour past and it was getting to a cloudy mind just after lunch.

As the minds started to fade there was a couple of things we could do. One of those things was to stop work. After some discussion we decided to just change where we could talk about strategy and our Social Media plans. What better than to get a day pack ready and head out to the mountains for a hike. So that’s what we did. We grabbed our Hiking boots, some food and snacks, and water, and off we went to Mount Macedon, about an hour away from Melbourne, Australia.

As we walked through a forest of 100 foot gum trees, we were immersed in the splendor of the tranquility that surrounded us and this allowed moments of clarity when you walked in your own thoughts. I would say to my business partner during this trek, “Hey I was thinking about this”, and “We should try adding this to our social media”. These thoughts may never have come about if we were at a desk.

During the 2 hour impromptu bush walk, we discussed work through a good part of it. It was a refreshing setting to be in and with all topics covered we headed back to town. This break for the mind prompted us to do this every few weeks and make it an amazing way to change the setting and also allow us to develop fresh ideas during it.

Make the time for yourself to experience this and you will see that the office can go with you so you can go places do things. #goplacesdothings