The Bestselling Business Backpack in Australia!

Carry Your Day!

Carry everything you need for your day with a peace of mind in this premium business backpack…Everything!

Having a Nishi Bag is exactly what you need when you have valuable items to carry.  Imagine carrying your laptop in a bag with cheap lining, and you drop the bag on the ground. Hmmm.

Our customers have frequently told us, this product is much better in real life than anticipated from an online purchase.

Plush Laptop Section ●Sunglasses Pocket ●Umbrella Chute ●Strap Hideaways ●USB Port ●RFID Card Holder ●Headphones Port ●…and more

So who are nishi?

Addressing the challenges faced on the daily grind of getting to work, we wanted you to be organized for the day.  Whether it was having a plush protective section for your expensive laptop, and compartments for your other valuable tech, or just forgetting your headphones, squishing your lunch inside your bag, or deciding how to deal with your wet umbrella.  The challenges of keeping your backpack upright and making sure it doesn’t fall on who knows what on the floor of a crowded train while you’re hanging on for your life.  There needed to be a better way to commute with confidence, without your daily needs being just something else to deal with.  We aimed to create peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the more important things in life, such as work and play. Nishi is the stylish and functional backpack to carry with you on your daily adventures.


An urban backpack for the busy individual who can now have the ease of carrying their work and play in one cool unit.

When you carry a Nishi Bag, you will not be one in the crowd. Your Nishi backpack is unique and caters to the person who wants to feel like an individual.


  • Business Backpack

    Nishi Business Backpack

  • Bluetooth Speaker

  • Smartphone Armband

  • Armbag – Black



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