Exactly four years ago, I found myself complaining to Jen (Co-Founder) about my then-backpack.

You see, I owned a mid-range backpack that I use for my everyday commute to and from my corporate office. And tell you what: that bag was a black hole. I had to rummage for minutes on end every single time I needed to get something. It was annoying.

Jen had her own share of complaints about her backpacks. Lack of structure and padding, inferior quality, clips that break easily, no compartments or waaay too many compartments, stitching that doesn’t hold up, no laptop section, no bottle holder, etc.

We both enjoyed the pace of city living and the demands of managing what we carried on our urban adventures. She needed a backpack that’s organized and can survive the wear and tear of those adventures. I needed a backpack that could carry all my tech needs across town meeting clients whilst not looking like I was carry a bulky pack heading off like a Sherpa on a 5 day expedition. For me it had to be functional whilst keeping clean lines and looking minimalist.

So we sat down and started thinking: How can we improve on the existing idea of a bag for the urban professional?

And guess what? Nishi Bag was born!

We love the Nishi journey and we love the customers who took a leap of faith about our product and continue to help us grow.  We wanted to be true to our commitment on quality and we have never changed our outlook on that.

Nishi – The Journey

Our objective was simple: We wanted professionals, entrepreneurs and commuters living their lives in and around the city to have a simple and organized backpack that can carry all their essential items for the corporate office and for their urban adventures.

We started researching backpacks from other brands to see what they can offer and found out that most of them are made specifically for a particular purpose. Or they all appear similar in style and don’t have any distinguishable features that make them stand out.

None were sleek or versatile enough to meet the diverse needs of urban dwellers like us.

So we set to work. We set up a production team, tested designs and experimented with different materials. A year later, we finally had the backpack we dreamed of putting on our backs.


Nishi Bag Now

Nishibag is a backpack for professionals who prefer to carry their daily needs in a practical, stylish, and sturdy bag.

How is Nishi Bag different from all the other bags we looked at? 

Well, since you asked…

  • Nishi Bag stands up by itself when it’s set on the ground — whether its fully packed or empty.
  • Foam-lined mesh shoulder straps and back pads allow for breathability and a comfortable experience when wearing the Nishi Bag. A pocket has been positioned behind the top back pads to provide a section for an iPad Mini, passports or other small important items.
  • Chest and hip straps are available to help secure the Nishi Bag in place especially when it’s fully packed. This allows for greater comfort and less back strain.
  • Waterproof zippers close to a smooth, flat surface, and zip and unzip with ease.
  • A luggage strap assists to hold the Nishi Bag in place on your suitcase — perfect for those airport moments when you just want to lug everything around on wheels behind you.
  • Two large internal sections with locations for all your work day items.
  • A USB external connection that allows for charging on-the-go.
  • Easily accessible exterior pockets for all kinds of everyday items:
  • A plush-lined pouch for your sunglasses with a zipped closure
  • An umbrella space for a fold up umbrella
  • A zipped pocket for small items
  • A drink bottle space with a magnetic closure and space for a standard drinking bottle
  • A plush faux fur-lined laptop pocket in cross stitching that provides protection to your computer equipment and is suitable for up to 16′ laptops.
  • A smaller lined tech pocket that provides space to house your powerbank, mouse and charger, and a magnetic closure that keeps everything securely held in place.
  • Excellently constructed using durable, high quality materials that we have carefully selected ourselves.
  • A well-designed structure with smooth finishes and neat stitching, all at a mid-range price point.
  • A guarantee to repair or replace the Nishi Bag for free in case there are any production or quality issues.

Nishi Bag is a daily go-to backpack that allows you to #goplacesdothings with ease.

Sleek and stylish while being simple and functional, it keeps your everyday essentials well- organized for work and provides additional space for those extra items you need to include for all your urban adventures.

#goplacesdothings #nishibag

Outer internal section
Inner Internal section
Front section
Front section
Back section